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Da Vinci: Can You Decipher The Secret Code?}

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

Submitted by: DeWayne Strickland

The international bestseller (The Da Vinci Code) by Dan Brown, has not only raised countless eyebrows, but could possibly make the Pope kick out a stain glass window! The thriller was extremely enjoyable to watch and it does prove digging back in the past, can be intriguing. I also, like do do some research of my own and I think you will find this article enlightening.

Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks), plays a professor who understands the symbols of the past and enjoys digging for the truth. Step by step he is drawn deeper into a mystery, that does not easily unfold before his eyes. Sophie Neveu(Audrey Tautou) plays a beautiful young woman, holding a powerful secret. Secret Societies have always stirred up curiosity with me and have that obscure cult like appearance.

Dan Brown is not the only one who has done some earth-shattering research, just take a look at this: Secrets of Angels Demons And Masons by Dan Burstein, Inside Secret Societies by by Michael Benson is a whistle blower on more than 150 of the worlds most exclusive secret societies. Skull & Bones, the Illuminati, the Knights Templar and their arch-enemies, the Assassins and youll be shocked by what goes on behind the closed doors of these secretive organizations.

There is a lot to be said for what one can dig up in Google. Are you asking the right questions? Are you digging deep and hard? Dan Brown brought up a lot of good points in the movie. One of them being many answers are in plain site. We like to see, what we want to see. We like to hear, what we want to hear. We all do different types and levels of research everyday. We research eBay to get the best deal, but is that as far as we go?

Many people are trying to crack codes everyday! Super Hackers keep security guards from sleeping at night. The serious hacker is not motivated by money or mayhem. He’s in it for the hack. What are you trying to crack? What type of knowledge do you wish you had? Many people are searching online to make money from the internet. Unfortunately, the information they find is misleading and all the money they spent to make a fortune online is lost!

The old saying that “success leaves clues” is correct. You may have to spend money and lose money to gain this internet marketing knowledge, but it might be worth it. Are you searching for a Holy Grail? Maybe your not exactly looking for a chalice, but it could be something you really desire to know or want.

There are two catalogs that have books of extensive, hard to find knowledge, that I will not mention here, but can be found through a proper search. These books are controversial and can reveal many cover ups, hidden before your eyes. Again, these books may be correct or incorrect. You have to judge that for yourself, once you find them. On my website I keep a “secret place” for this information.

The exciting part for you, would be to get your hands on this hidden knowledge. Who would not want freedom from the daily grind! Who wants to die broke? I applaud Dan Brown for making us think and re-think, what we believe. Even more importantly why we believe it! I think back to a song called, “Sixteen Tons”, which got Merle Travis branded a “communist sympathizer.” Let’s look at the chorus closely:

You load sixteen tons, and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt. St. Peter don’t you call me, ’cause I can’t go. I owe my soul to the company store. Back in 1955, Tennessee Ernie Ford recorded that song and within two months of its release “Sixteen Tons” had become the biggest single ever sold in America! Why was that?

“Programming Us to Follow the Program” — Claire Wolfe

Is Big Brother watching you? Are we really getting all the information we seek, or is there a veil of deceit, keeping us blinded! Is there something or someone that is keeping you from your unlimited potential? Are we programmed to do one job for the rest of our lives and never get ahead? Is every doctrinal belief correct? Have we succumb to lies? Fortunately, the internet has opened the flood gates for all types of knowlege, if you are willing to dig deep and hard!

“Blogs have allowed countries to share with each other and explore first hand perspectives, that otherwise could be misconstrued by the media!” — DeWayne H. Strickland

Don’t you hate it when your the last one to know something? Many will talk about being in the inner circle(the know) and even in the work place, there are those little secret groups! What is the American dream? Such books as, “The Shadow Goverment” by Len Barken and, “I Am Not a Number!” by Claire Wolfe are very thought provoking! We all have something to hide, don’t we?

As a wise man once said, “Do not let anyone tell you what to think or feel. Decide for yourself.”

Copyright. 2006 DeWayne H. Strickland

About the Author: DeWayne H. Strickland has been a Film Freak since the time he could walk and he is a online researcher. Learn how you can support legal movie downloads and find the “secret place” at:


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