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Put Away That Money Clip Credit Card Holder And Have Financial Freedom Within Your Reach

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

By Bradlley Mckoy

If you have them, you probably know that credit cards are the work of the devil with its false promises of financial freedom, only to find out later that instead of being free, youve been imprisoned in debt. Its as evil as most men, lulling you into a sense of security, only to be screwed in the worst way possible. Indeed, credit cards are the bane of everybodys existence, and the sooner you realize it, the better it is for you.

The Freebie Mystique

Most people, men and women alike, are enticed by credit card companies with freebies. Youve all heard about it. As long as you put in your application, youre promised free watches, pairs of shoes, and even trips as soon as your application is approved. What you dont know is youll be paying for those freebies faster than you can take out your money clip credit card holder. Indeed, in this day and age, freebies come with a price. Before you put your shiny new credit card in your money clip credit card holder, find out what its going to cost you.

Not Interested in Interest

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Credit card companies thrive on interest and hidden charges. Every time you take out your credit card from your money clip credit card holder, you can be sure that youre secretly being charged for something.

Before you add another credit card to that arsenal you already have in your money clip credit card holder, read the fine print and find out what additional charges and interest will inevitably come with your purchases. Dont be fooled by the fancy lingo finance charges, credit shield charges, etc. Also find out if theyll be charging them per purchase or every month. That could create a problem, especially if you wont be able to pay the full amount due every time.

Its Payback Time

Your credit cards work best if you can pay for it in full every time your bill comes out. You wont have to deal with monthly interest and finance charges. But then, that defeats the purpose of having a credit card in the first place. However, you cant fight the system, so the best you can do is make the system work with you.

Use your credit cards responsibly. Ostentatious and unnecessary purchases should be avoided. Only take out your money clip credit card holder when you absolutely need to, such as when youre buying groceries or things you really need and cant live without. And no, that doesnt include those strappy, red stilettos youve been mooning about for two weeks. Better yet, hide your money clip credit card holder somewhere where you wont be tempted into making impulse purchases.

Indeed, credit cards are more liabilities rather than assets and its not easy to get rid of them. But as long as you take control and grab it by the horns, youll be okay. Eventually, itll all be paid off and you wont have to worry about exorbitant interest and finance charges. Then and only then are you really on your way to financial freedom.

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