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Tips On How To Meet Plus Sized Women}

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

Tips On How To Meet Plus Sized Women


No matter your size, race, circumstance or preference – dating can be extremely scary. It can be very frustrating for men when they want to meet new women and get into the dating game. Women are complex creatures and most of them don’t make it obvious what they like or dislike in a potential partner.

The first problem that men face when trying to meet women is where exactly do they go to find the woman of their dreams. There are lots of places to go to meet great women and really connect with them. Dating advice is very easy to come by, the right dating advice is a little trickier to find.

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Instead of going to the usually place where men meet women and attempt to pick them up, why not go somewhere where the women are more likely to be relaxed and more receptive to you talking to them? Most people may give you the dating advice to go to a bar and meet lots of women – the problem with that is every other man is doing the exact same thing. Women tend to put up their guards when in bars, they expect men to approach them, and so you are more likely to get shot down in foul swoop!

Here is a list of unconventional places where you can meet women and more than likely be greeted with success!

The hardware store – The sad fact is that most women in hardware stores or building supply stores don’t know what they are looking for! If you see a woman that you like looking clueless round the aisles, why not offer your help! You could even offer to do the DIY job for her (that is assuming you know how to do it!).

The gym – This is a great place to meet women, plus she may not look her best when she has had a work out, so you can show her you still think she is gorgeous!

Boring places such as the bank or the DMV – Places like this provide a great opportunity to liven up a normally dull day. Queues and waiting can be tedious, so you can crack a few jokes and start up an interesting conversation to pass the time – and of course, get her number!

Book shops and libraries – If you love reading and you love women who read; what better place than a book store or the library. You may find the women of your dreams searching through the same section as you – what better starting place is there. Offer to take her for a coffee and you will have an instant shared interest to talk about.

So, if you want dating advice that actually helps, follow the above!

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Tips On How To Meet Plus Sized Women