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The Benefits Of Email Marketing

Sunday, March 19th, 2017

By Trevor Richards

If you are running a business which has a prominent online presence then marketing will play a key part in making sales. As it has become easier for companies to get their business online, the low barriers to entry mean that there is now more competition than ever so you will have to be more focused in your marketing strategy in order to get your site noticed.

With this in mind there are various marketing channels which you could take advantage of. A highly effective marketing strategy is by making use of an email marketing campaign. This method of promotion is increasingly used as a main marketing strategy by leading online businesses. Email marketing is rapidly overtaking the more traditional direct mail marketing for several good reasons. When direct mail leaflets drop through the letterbox it is easy to simply dismiss them as unwanted junk without even bothering to read them. The benefit of email marketing is that more often than not your audience will have requested that you keep them updated with news about your products and services so you know that when a potential customer receives your email there will at least be a level of interest. It is for this reason that many companies are realising that email marketing is a useful way of making savings on their costs.

Another benefit of implementing such a marketing campaign is that the results are explicitly trackable so that you will be able to see how many customers are receiving your emails and more importantly – how many people are reading and then responding to them. Such feedback is simply not possible with traditional paper based direct marketing methods.

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If you are deciding whether or not to invest in an email marketing campaign, an important factor to take into consideration is whether your audience are likely to use the internet regularly. Firstly they will need to be regular users so that they can become aware of your company and services in the first place and they will obviously also need to use the internet if they are to make purchases online.

It is also important to consider whether the benefits of the services and products which you provide can be adequately conveyed within an email. If for any reason the service is difficult to explain then it is highly unlikely that the customers on your email distribution list will be inclined to undertake research on their own time to find out more. Attention spans of internet users are extremely short so your email campaign should reflect this.

Another consideration to take into account is whether your company has the resources to implement and monitor an email monitoring campaign. If you feel that you will struggle to allocate a member of staff to the task then you may wish to approach a company who specialises in email campaign management as their expertise will be invaluable in ensuring that your email campaign delivers a return on your investment and helps your business to improve sales.

About the Author: Trevor Richards is writing on behalf of Extravision, a leading UK

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