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Kefir Vs Other Probiotics}

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

Kefir VS Other Probiotics


Michael-Paul Patterson

If you’re looking on behalf of a high-quality probiotic supplement reach designed for the best, Kefir. Many manufacturers of probiotics say that their pills contain 15 billion bacteria by the period of processing. And to facilitate it would take tubs of yogurt or else gallons of kefir to receive the same amount of friendly bacteria.

Earliest of all, lets not stop thinking about that these companies acquire their products absolutely from these entire food fermented-milk products. In the same way as I mentioned previously, they pluck out nutrients out of entire foods and turn around and market them straight back to you.

So representing a fraction of the cost, you can own a extra excellent product. I paid just a few dollars on behalf of my kefir grains, and if you take care of them correctly they will multiply and last forever!

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Statistics don’t lie :

– One capsule of man-made probiotics normally contains around 15 billion bacteria.

– One little bowl of fresh yogurt (500 ml), contains around 1.5 trillion beneficial organisms.

– 100 times more than a 15 billion capsule.

– And one tiny bowl of fresh kefir (500 ml), contains as many as 5 trillion beneficial organisms. Almost 400 times more than a capsule.

Kefir and other fermented milk products contain buffering agents that nurture and guard the lactobacillus from bile acids in the stomach. This way they can generate it into the intestines where they create Vit. B-12 and help to breakdown and package food for excretion. Milk products are such powerful buffering agents that even poison control centers suggest drinking milk while confronted with a poison circumstances.

Bacteria within pill form are in a resting cycle and the bacteria inside kefir and yogurt are alive and well, making them much extra fit to adapt to unexpected changes in surroundings as they enter the body.

These fermented milk products are considered functional foods because they function as healthiness promoting foods. Probiotic pill supplements just offer single thing, bacteria. Fermented Milk offers much further; minerals, vitamins, amino acids, L-carnitine, good fats, antimicrobial agents and other.

Scientist tested the kefir inside the Caucasus Mountains on behalf of any type of dangerous bacteria. But much to their shock, they found nothing. Deep inside the mountains wherever hygienic conditions are much worse than ours, the scientist refused to believe there was no dangerous bacteria to be found. Creating a potential scenario that a piece of animal fecal matter would fall into the milk, they injected the E. Coli bacteria into the kefir. Within 24 hours the E. Coli was destroyed by Kefir benificial bacteria. Kefir has moreover demonstrated the capability to kill H. Pylori infections while bacteria alone could not. In addition, the complex microflora of kefir has also exposed a sharp capability to stimulate our immune structure, ward off infections from salmonella, and in some cases even fight cancer.

Fermented foods such as kefir, yogurt, and sauerkraut are just the once again superior to pills within a bottle.

Michael-Paul Patterson is used to be a fitness trainer in Germany who had such chronic knee pain, candida and fatigue that were cured when he learned the simple Laws of Nature that re-balance the body and health. He is expertise in making superior food and fermented milk using Kefir Grains. Care about your body right now! Visit for details.

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Kefir VS Other Probiotics