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Even Cats Need Their Sex Toys}

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

Submitted by: Joe R. Maldonado

If you are a cat lover like me, you must have heard of Siamese cats. They are very noble and friendly cats with a distinct fur color and beautiful blue eyes. Apart from the looks, their most distinctive features are their loquacity and voice. They yawl tirelessly and all the time. When they are happy, when they want food, when they want to be petted, when you talk to them they yawl and yawl and yawl However when they are horny, they howl.

I had a she-cat, the most beautiful Siamese kitten you could ever see. Of course she grew up in a year to become the most capricious lady of the house. When cats are one year old their sexual impulses start to surface.

My Siamese was no different than her fellow members of felis family. One night she stopped yowling and started howling. Cats are nocturnal creatures. They hunt at night, they play at night and of course they make love at night. While making love or getting ready to make love you can hear some of the most violent sounds you can ever hear coming from their vocal cords. So my old sweat kitten, new rival was howling at the top of her lungs. I considered taking her to the veterinary clinic and sterilizing her but later I didnt have the heart to do it. After two sleepless nights I decided to let her out.

The third night when I looked out from my window I saw a one eyed tomcat. Probably the ugliest cat I had ever seen. My girl was flirting with him from the window. When I thought about the kittens fathered by that monster of a cat I gave up the idea of letting her out and that meant another sleepless night. When the fifth night arrived, she and I both were tired to death. She came to my bed and started to rub her back to me. Im an open minded girl. I have my vibrators and sex toys. So I thought why not? If I can fulfill my desires with a toy why wouldnt my cat do the same? Of course there was a problem. Using tools is a human trait. It was not possible for me to give her the toys and leave her alone.

First I had to find the suitable toy for my cat. After a short lasting consideration I decided on q-tips. I took a q-tip; dipped it into warm water and started to help my little girl with her first sexual experience. I was not doing this only for her; I was also doing it for myself. I was doing it to be able to sleep that night.

I dont want to turn this article into a cat porn story so I will spare you the details. After about 15 minutes of procedure, she started to sleep like an angel. A few minutes after her, I fell asleep. The next morning when I woke up I still had the q-tip in mu hand. And we slept happily ever after.

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