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The Techniques You Have To Know For Inversion Therapy}

Monday, August 7th, 2017

Submitted by: Mortoneb Bradshaw

There are a variety of inversion tables to chose from when you are buying one. You can chose from a variety of sizes, and designs. There are things to think about when you are buying a personal inversion table. First, the table needs to be durable. You want something that is going to last. Needless to say, you want something that is going to support you, because you will be hanging upside down, and you don’t want to incur injuries on top of the ones that you already have. Make sure that you look out for anything loose or unstable when you are buying the table. The table shouldn’t be too technical. It should be simple for all sorts of people to use.

Your inversion table comes with an instructional DVD to help you use it wisely and safely. The treatment involves strapping in your ankles and slowly rotating upside down. Beginners should start with just 1-2 minutes, several times per day, while advanced users can go up to 3-5 minutes.

Inversion therapy commonly can be done through several methods such as by using inversion table and gravity boot. Inversion table is the method which is widely used for inversion therapy. This therapy is mainly undertaken to cure the back pain.

The use of this piece of therapy equipment is also easy. You only need to stand against the table and fasten your feet into the foot rest. Once your feet strapped in, grasp the handle grips so that you can easily invert backward or forward. You can start the inversion by rotating downward at around 10 degrees for around 30 or 40 seconds. It allows you to adjust your body to the gravity changes. While hanging, take a deep and slow breath for around5 minutes. Then, rotate upward slowly until you reach complete vertical position. Rotate downward again slowly by handling the grips until you are completely inverted. Do this inversion therapy routine for about 20 or 30 minutes.

But by reading inversion table reviews, written by common folks, like you and I, you will uncover inversion therapy benefits that your doctor may have never told you about. Even if you suffered from a severe back pain, or spinal pain. Instead, you were given a prescription for pain medications, anti-inflammatory medications, you were told to see a doctor more often, perhaps attend some physical therapy sessions, and perhaps even see a chiropractor.

Improved posture, increased circulation and blood flow, and not to mention the significant reduction in pain associated with spinal disc compression and nerve pathway constriction – these are just a few of the physical benefits related to inversion therapy. Inversion therapy is a technique made popular in the 1960’s by a treatment for pain associated with spinal compression and other bodily wear-and-tear, but the concept of inversion therapy is actually a quite ancient one. Hippocrates himself, the Greek physician, was the first to realize the beneficial properties gravity can have in treating pain and injuries.

To note, there are three fundamental techniques of inversion therapy which are available for you. The first method is by using gravity boots. It allows you to hang from a horizontal bar. The second type is by using inversion table. It allows you to invert at any different angles you prefer even when you are at full inversion. The third method is by using a frame. It is almost the same as the first method, but it provides support for the spine by flexing the knees and the hips.

Anyone who has ever had a herniated disc knows the pain that is associated with it and the difficultly in healing from this condition. Many times individuals suffer with so much pain and can’t find relief with conventional treatments that their physician may recommend surgical intervention. Although surgery can help sometimes, it is a risky procedure and recovery time can be long. More and more people are discovering pain relief from their herniated discs with inversion therapy.

The table is capable of being tilted to the point where you are practically hanging by your feet, but you don’t really have to do that unless you want to. As a matter of fact, you can do it by small degrees in the beginning, gradually increasing the angle as you feel more comfortable and as your spine gets stronger. One of the reasons why a back pain inversion table works so well is that it simply restores the condition of your back, similar to how it once was when you were younger. As we age, our spines compress due to gravity and the reduced fluid between the discs, thus causing pain. By stretching your back, a lot of this inevitable damage is reversed and the pain is eliminated.

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