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Best Hobby Greenhouse Styles}

Saturday, January 21st, 2017

Best Hobby Greenhouse Styles


Alexandru Chiuariu

When you are ready to start planting, there is an abundance of different greenhouse styles to choose from. Even if you have a small space to set up a greenhouse, a patio, porch or just a balcony, there are a number of different small, portable greenhouses to choose from. These usually have some kind of rack shelf system, with the frame extending above the top shelf to give ample space for the covers. These covers can be made from a clear vinyl or plastic, with zippered fronts to give easy access to your potted plants. They also have caster wheels, making it easy to move them around, or even inside when the weather turns bad. When you are done for the season, they can easily be folded up and stored away for the next year, or can be used inside for Winter Gardening.

There area also a number of larger greenhouse styles to choose from. If you have a small back yard, or don’t want to go through the hassles of trying to make one on your own, there are a number of complete hobby greenhouses, or even kits if you want to save a little money. There are basic styles that are more of a cold greenhouse, which is really just a frame with some sturdy clear covering, and these can help extend your growing season. Some of these can also be disassembled and stored for the winter, or even kept up if you live in a warmer climate.

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There are extremely large greenhouse styles, and this can be as large as commercial growing operations, or if you just have a large space an want a big greenhouse for growing a variety of plants. These too can be delivered to your home and set up on site, by the company you buy from, or as a kit with all the materials and hardware, even some parts that are prefabricated. These greenhouses can be put together as projects over a weekend.

The different greenhouse styles don’t stop just there. There are a number of shapes to choose from as well. Whether you want an old fashioned colonial style, rectangular or even octagon, there is a green house for you. They can be high enough to walk into, large enough to have all your plants, growing supplies, and even a place to relax and have a cup of tea. They can be as simple as a steel frame set up over a garden with some plastic sheeting, to heavy duty wood and metal frames with glass or plexiglass panels, it really depends on your individual needs and desires.

You can see many different examples of greenhouse styles on the internet. There are hundreds of sites available that have full color photos. There are companies that can bring ready to use products straight to your property, all you have to do is have the pad the structure is going to sit on, and any needed permits. There are also many companies that can custom build a greenhouse, which is then sent in pieces and set up on site.

For the DIY’er, there are kits where you are sent the materials, hardware, and you follow a set of simple instructions to put it together. Some are even specially marked, making the job even faster. Usually all the pieces are pre-cut, and fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. There are also a number of eBooks with dozens of different greenhouse plans and blueprints. They include a list of materials needed for each project, which you buy on your own from local hardware stores.

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