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Is Your Dog Stubborn Or Dominant? How To Tell The Difference?}

Monday, February 6th, 2017

Submitted by: Kevin Salem

It doesnt really matter whether your dog is a puppy or an adult, spoiled or abused, big or tiny. If you dont pay attention to these certain characteristics, your dog could easily become your boss and may get aggressive with you, with other dogs, or toward your loved ones.

You must be able to recognize these signs from the early start before they get worse. If you notice your dog already being very persistent and even a bit dominant, the last thing you need to do is spoil it rotten and let it get away with murder. You basically would be pouring gasoline on fire. Take kids for example, say a kid is already strong, brave and rebellious AND you go out of your way to spoil it to death. Youll definitely have your work cut out for you and might even end up on the Dr. Phil show for losing your sanity!

Here we go.

Does Your Dog:

Constantly jump up on you, on others and on kids, regardless of how many times you tell him to stop? Do you always find yourself getting physical trying to restrain him, or else he wont settle down right away?

Refuse to stop barking, whimpering, scratching, throwing a tantrum inside the crate or when he demands to come in or be let out?

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Squeeze through door the door like a flying bullet and push you out of the way? How about crowding you, pushing you out of the way by making you back up and by stepping in your space every time you ask it to obey a command?

Respond to commands only if you are holding a treat, eating at the table, or have some sort of treats in your hands? This means: Look lady. Youre not worthy of my time. But, if you have something tasty, then Ill think about it. These dogs, especially around distractions, will ignore even your moist treats and STILL wont respond to you. Sometimes the owners make the horrible mistake of giving their dogs the treats regardless of whether they responded or not. So the dog wins either way!

Demand your attention and rarely stop misbehaving when you tell him to? Youll notice your dog jumping up on you, getting on your lap, nudging at your hands and he wont care whether you are tired, not in the mood to play, or if you are holding a cup of hot coffee. He will jump up on you even when not invited. Drop whatever youre doing, Mommy. I need to cuddle and love a tummy rub and I need it RIGHT NOW!?thats what your dog is saying to himself.

Keep on barking back at you when you are trying to stop him from an unacceptable behavior. This could be when you are trying to stop him from begging for food, barking back at you, mouthing, and if you happen to stop him from stealing food off tables. Some dogs get on their hind legs and try to stand up to you to challenge you.

Rarely obeys the commands that she already KNOWS and ignores you in your day-to-day routines. You most likely find yourself getting louder and louder, and end up forcing your dog into a sit or down position. Sometimes you might find yourself grabbing your dogs collar to make her mind, tugging on her leash, or restraining her the entire time so she doesnt embarrass you even more.

Play-bite on your hands and wrestle you by pushing down on the leash with his paw or worse, sometimes with both paws. (Boxers are famous for this.)

Jumps up on you and sometimes throws himself on the ground so you cant make him do anything else against his will. Large breeds and spoiled dogs do this all the time and the owners end up picking them up and carrying them like a baby. (Yeah. Try carrying a Bullmastiff, Great Dane or a Saint Bernard!)

Holds the leash in his mouth when you are in the middle of training or walking him. In your dogs mind, he is walking you! This might seem cute to you and others, but in reality your dog sees you as the dog and he hasYOU–on the leash.

Resists lying down for you on command. You might see your dog trying to compromise by giving you his paw, sitting, barking and even doing a rollover instead. Some of these dogs turn it in their favor and trick you by showing you their stomach and what even funnier is, most of you end up giving them a belly rub after all. Remember, its a down command! Not a let me give you a belly rub command. You probably didnt know this, but the more your dog lies down for you flat on his tummy, the more he is actually submitting to you and sees you as an authority figure.

Heres an interesting fact about the Down Command: If you tell ten dogs to sit for you, eight out of the ten might do it. But if you ask a group of a hundred dogs to do a down, youll be lucky if you can get five out of the hundred to do it. Getting your dog to lie down is a great way to establish leadership without being harsh or abusive. Try doing it WITHOUT a biscuit, holding your fingers as if you have a treat, pointing, bending over or slapping the ground. And good luck!

Keeps getting frustrated and wraps the leash around you, backs away, nips at your hands and feet, starts to lunge and makes noises as if hes gone mad. All this drama and temper-tantrum so you let him get to other dogs, cats, squirrels, kids on wheels or cars driving by. In a way, your dogs trying anything possible to get his way.

Humping anything that moves or breathes. This is rarely sexual. Most humping are a sign of dominance. Whether its a certain family member, your kid, your roommate, a poor stuffed animal, your sofa, or even the poor visitor, your dog is desperately trying to assert his dominance by letting them know that he is the one in charge here.

Leans on your foot when you ask her to sit. This sometimes happens when a dog is scared or nervous. However if you notice your dog often sitting on your foot after the sit command, even without any distractions, sudden noise or any other reason you can think of, you better believe that she is trying to dominate you. Its just like the neighborhood bully who loves to lean on that weakest kid in school.

Out of the blue, urinates or defecates in an inappropriate place to upset you. You know for a fact that your dog is completely housebroken, has been outside, had access to the doggy door, and is NOT sick. Its been weeks and even months since his last accident. This usually happens when you didnt give your dog the attention he wanted. It could also be more serious issues such as: when you leave town, work longer hours, have a change in your schedule, brought a new pet into your home, have a guest over, date someone new, or start training your dog with a new attitude/new ground rules and your dog is upset and retaliates to get back at you. Yes. Dogs do this more than youd think.

Is a bit unpredictable when you grab him by his collar. Some of these dogs do back-flips and you can feel your fingers bending backward as you scream in agony. Trainers have dislocated their fingers and injured their wrists with such dogs. Basically, your dog is fighting you and saying, NO WAY. I am not going to let you hold me against my will. Lets see if you can still hold on to me when I do my psycho move on you. These dogs may act fine in one moment, but then in the next moment, when you grab them by their collar, they try to bite your hand off. Unless you are dealing with a scared or abused dog, which is very unlikely, your dog should let you grab him by his collar at ANY given time. This shows trust and the fact that he truly respects you as a leader.

Make sure you seek the help of an expert in private. These bad habits always get worse as time goes by. Get ready because the next chapter goes more into dominance and aggression tendencies and these dogs will make these dogs seem like pussycats.

About the Author: Kevin Salem is considered to be one of the brightest minds in the world of dog training and one of the pioneers in his field. It’s hard to paint Kevin’s image with the same brush as others, as his unique way of thinking, writing, and philosophy truly makes him distinct. If you are a fan of Cesar Millan, it will be difficult not to fall in love with Kevin’s book. You’ll finally be able to put an end to your dog’s: Jumping Up, House-training, Play-biting, Barking, Leash Pulling, Destructiveness, Bolting Out, Over-protectiveness– to complete off-leash response. 10 week old pups to 10 yr old adults, all breeds welcome. Kevin offers Doggie Boot Camp or House Calls Nationwide. Try his book, hire him in person, or see him put his eyebrow raising skills into action by visiting his award-winning web site:


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Easy Car Port Door Repair Tips That Will Help You Save Money.

Sunday, December 27th, 2015

Easy Car port Door Repair Tips that will help you Save Money.


Ferdinand Robertson

Doing a garage entry repair is one of the most difficult things to face especially if you are not familiar with technical LEARNING TO MAKE home maintenance. Because garage doors are a combination of complicated electronics, hard-to-understand hardware workings and hard-to-handle supplies, most people shy faraway from doing these kind of repairs and just leave it for a door technician to fix the career. The issue is, repairing with the doors inside your garage might set you back a ton of money. A very simple garage entry installation already costs in close proximity to a multitude of dollars, Hiring technicians to fix your door\’s basic problems will still only equal to your expenses.

Significant repairs which include panel and door springtime replacements usually call for the help of expert specialists. But whenever possible, you ought to first try and see when you can fix the down sides exclusively by yourself before you go out to check out help. In the case that you now have a screeching car port metal door that causes lots of noise as soon as opened and also closed, the first things that you need to check are generally rusty appliance and old door screws. People do not realize it nevertheless half of the time, it is a combination with rusty computer and aged screws which serves as being the culprit when it comes to the issue of screeching car port doors. If you\’ll be able to check these little factors first just before calling out the technician to undertake the insignificant repair, you might be able to save big money.

YouTube Preview Image

If you have a door in your garage that does not fully go down whether it is closed plus it springs back up in advance of even reaching the bottom, the principal culprit is usually a misplaced door sensor. A door sensor that\’s not placed accordingly will definitely cause ones garage door to do unwarranted acts including not closing down 100%. To fix this, just position your door sensors a little lower than should never placement. You could also want to check if you can find objects together with hindrances blocking the sensor because additionally, it may contribute to your said problem.

Performing a door repair for your garage is not really always easy especially if you are not a great \”electronics\” or \”mechanics\” kind of person. People must also put in mind which doing simple DIY entry repairs will not hurt especially if the troubles are as well trivial to even telephone a door technician. From time to time, a non-working door might even be fixed simply by replacing this batteries to your door opener. If you want to be inexpensive and save greater expense in the lending company, learning very simple DIY repairs of your garage is a must.


Auto car port services which include car providing, repairs and MOT for Raynes Recreation area, Wimbledon together with Morden with Merton.

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