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Warn Ryder Cup Fans

Saturday, January 28th, 2017

Warn Ryder Cup Fans



Ryder Cup Europe has started a strong campaign to try their best to protect people from being cheated by what they call “pirate” operators.

They are warned of hospitality packages which are located in a hotel that are five miles away from Celtic Manor, where Europe take on America on October 1-3.

Richard Hills, who is the Ryder Cup director, said: ” Do not make mistake, customers will feel that this is misleading at best.

” In the past two weeks, two world class brands have got touched with us, we are horrified to get known that they had booked unofficial and off-site hospitality and that as tickets cannot be transferred they might not receive any valid tickets which are for the Ryder Cup.

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“Fortunately, they were able to book with Ryder Cup Europe again – the only official way to book C however, we have made the decision that other companies are not trapped just like this as the consequences are very terrible.

“There are lots of pirate operators, who claim that they have genuine tickets, which is just not the case as what they claimed.

“Ryder Cup will record every ticket that is purchased and all of the tickets are not transferred.

“They may also claim that they can be on your behalf to apply for tickets, however as all of the tickets will have photo ID this time, thus this also is a fraudulent claim.

“Pirate operators claim that they are running shuttles to the course which has the golf equipment, such as the

golf clubs

, which is not possible.

” We have a series of restrictions and road closures that only allow shuttles from Ryder Cup Travel Services, the official provider of transport to the event, through the security cordon around the site throughout the week.

“The last thing that we want to do is to make companies, their clients and true fans disappoint by turning them away. But these companies leave us no option.

“Anyone who believes that they may have been cheated should contact us as soon as possible.”

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