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Xowii Wowie, What Is Up With This New Mlm?}

Friday, August 11th, 2017

Xowii Wowie, What Is Up With This New MLM?


Marc Barrett

Let me bring you up to speed on Xowii. Xowii is a new network marketing company that has been involved in a lot of actives during its short life.

Xowii was launched in late 2009 from its head office in Costa Mesa, CA, which makes them a relatively new MLM business.

The business was able to move ahead in the MLM industry using interesting advertising and promotional methods. They were able to sign up approximately 20,000 distributors and generate $15,000,000 in sales their first year.

Xowii is the brain child of co-founders Richard Kelly and James Christiansen. They entered the market with a product line that targets the exploding health and nutrition market, which is projected to be a huge trillion dollar market.

Coffee Fruit is the primary ingredient in all their products including Xowii Energy, Xowii Thin and Xowii Ultimate.

Their marketing material and website all indicate that Coffee Fruit includes polyphenols that provide several benefits, which include antioxidant, energy-enhancing and anti-inflammatory properties to name a few.

If you are like me you do not know anything about Coffee Fruit. I have learned that Coffee Fruit is a tree grown cherry which contains a coffee seed inside the fruit.

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I learn new info each and every day.

So Xowii took this miracle fruit and it was off the races.

Xowii uses a very complex binary pay plan, which is contributing effectively to their amazing growth within the mlm community. From my experience, it is one of the most creative means of building their network marketing model.

Xowii, like other MLM companies, utilizes a comp plan that provides distributors with interesting bonuses that include Fast start, team building, free auto ship and a leadership pool bonus to name a few. There appears to be many ways to generate income from their pay plan.

Wow, they have great bonuses!

The truly creative elements of this payment plan are that you are able to obtain a Fast Begin Bonus when you sign somebody up, and when someone you have sponsored signs somebody up. You will obtain a nearly matching bonus and this also applies to your new 2nd level associates when they sponsor someone.

Many binary pay plans provide a matching coded bonus or an executive check match bonus but Xowii offers both to their representatives which is not standard.

One very ingenious feature of their binary comp plan provides a free autoship for anyone who personally sponsors 4 people into the business.

Now you mix that in with all the various bonus pools they offer and you can see why I call this plan aggressive.

Hold your excitement until you learn a few more facts and before searching out the closest Xowii distributor and joining them.

It was reported that Xowii was actually sued by MonaVie for trying to steal distributors away from their business.

I find it hard to understand that MonaVie thinks they own their representatives but it is still difficult for Xowii to financially defend against any lawsuit.

Xowii made a sudden, major announcement in January 2001 when they reported they are joining with Evolv Health, another MLM company.

They will try to spin this information to keep the damage within the industry to a minimum, but we all know that a financially stable company does not attempt to merge with another. A merger usually means there is either a financial concern or some other issue.

One can appreciate that they may have had financial concerns because of the lawsuit or perhaps an investor wanted out; who knows. The perception is the company still looks great but the future is a bit unknown at this point.

We will have to wait to see if Xowii will continue as an independent business unit or if everything will be combined into Evolv Health.

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Xowii Wowie, What Is Up With This New MLM? }

Natural Hemorrhoids Cure

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

Natural Hemorrhoids Cure


Hamza Helmy

The basic definition of a hemorrhoid is a tissue that is swollen in the anal canal because of the swollen blood vessels in them. A diagnosed Hemorrhoids patient is likely to experience bloody stools, sudden painfulness and itchiness in the anal canal.

Some hemorrhoids projects from the anal canal and this often results in itchiness and irritation of surrounding tissues.

If a person has an external hemorrhoid, he may find it distressing to wipe the area, and if the hemorrhoid is injured during the cleaning process, blood may appear.

Hemorrhoids are usually discovered by seeing fresh blood. There are two types of hemorrhoids: internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. If the hemorrhoid is not to some extent extending out of the anal canal, it is called an internal hemorrhoid. It is also possible for an internal hemorrhoid to protrude from the anus.

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Hemorrhoids are likely to develop for persons who expose themselves to some risk factors. The main risk factor is irregular bowel movement. Too frequent visits to the bathroom caused by consuming some food products can cause your anal tissue to swell. Hemorrhoids can be caused by constipation which makes you strain your anal area by pushing hard.

It is also possible for a woman to suddenly develop hemorrhoids after the third month of pregnancy. The expansion of the amniotic sac due to the foetus growth in size causes the hemorrhoid risk to go up. This increases the pressure in the pelvic region. Regardless if the person has experienced hemorrhoids before or not, the increase of the pressure in the pelvic or rectal regions can cause hemorrhoids to manifest.

Hemorrhoids diagnosed pregnant women can worsen their condition during the delivery due to the extreme strain while ejecting the child.

If you suspect having hemorrhoids, visit your doctor. If you find mucus and/or blood on your stool, you should visit a doctor. Never postpone; Better results for earlier consultations.

There are loads of possible solutions for hemorrhoids. A minor hemorrhoid can be treated with a drug that helps repair and strengthen blood vessels. For more serious conditions that affects the quality of life of the patient, the doctor might suggest a minor surgery.

Prevention is concedered the best route, you can prevent the reoccurrence of hemorrhoids. Here what you have to consider:

1. Evaluate you fibre consumption in your daily diet. Whole food such as brown bread and brown rice are good sources for fibre. Fibres can be found in green vegetables too.

2. Keep an eye on you activities. Are you getting enough exercise? The longer you sit around the more risk you have in developing hemorrhoids. About 1 and a half hours per week of sports can reduce the risk of hemorrhoids.

3. Overweight and obese persons should try to loose weight. Research has shown that overweight individuals are more likely to develop hemorrhoids than people who have normal weight.

More information about hemorrhoids and their treatments are available for FREE at our website.

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