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Metal Picnic Tables For Theme Park Design

Monday, January 4th, 2016

By Patricia Holland

Cost effective theme park design requires investing in materials that will withstand the elements for several decades. Metal picnic tables ensure this savings pay back ROI through reduced repair and replacement costs.

Wooden tables, as attractive as they are for more natural landscape themes such as zoo parks, deteriorate too rapidly in the elements to be truly cost effective in the long run. Also, they are easily vandalized and require replacement once the damage passes a certain point.

Metal outdoor tables feature all-welded steel construction that can withstand the constant usage of heavy traffic areas. Also, they are further protected from elements, wear and tear, and vandalism thanks to Thermoplastic coating. Thermoplastic is a revolutionary material that protects metal by electromagnetically bonding to its surface. It retains color in full exposure to UV light, and it is highly impact resistant and vandal resistant as well.

To work aesthetically with a variety of theme park designs, metal picnic tables of this quality must be available in a wide range of styles and color options. Different parks have different themes that require different architecture, landscaping, and amenities to support.

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Water parks, for example, require color coordination to the colors of water in bright sunlight. Zoo parks would want more basic colors like brown, black, or green. Amusement parks normally want bright red, orange, or yellow to attract people to areas where food is served in hot attraction spots.

There 16 colors to choose from in XPB Locker Supply’s online inventory. Regardless of the nature of the grounds, one of these color options is sure to fit the environment at hand.

Stylistically, any amenity such as a metal picnic table or park bench should feature a design that reflects the architecture of nearby slides, rides, or buildings associated with paid activities. In this way, both the shapes and colors of the theme park design itself are mirrored by the shapes and colors of tables and benches.

Parks with very natural themes may want to opt for standard rectangular designs that mimic the picnic facilities of campgrounds and public parks. Amusement parks, on the other hand, would probably need something a lot more eye-catching, such as an oval design or octagonal table top.

Metal picnic tables for sale on our website offer the full range of geometric choices in table top design. They also offer inground, portable, and concrete mounting options that allow theme park designers to place them at will at any location within the grounds.

Theme park designs must accommodate a broad spectrum of humanity. Tables should be friendly to children, adults, seniors, and to disabled persons who require special accessibility to enjoy the day. There are many such styles available in XPB Locker Supply’s online inventory. Special tables for children feature rounded edges for safety and seats that are lower to the ground.

Physically challenged persons prefer tables with rounded edges and seats because they are safer to maneuver into and out of. Most people also want a bit of shade when they eat, which is why all of our metal picnic tables can be ordered with umbrellas regardless of size, mount, color, or geometry.

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