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Need Of Data Loader During The Conversion Of Databases}

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

Submitted by: Kenneth Wilsons

In this technologically developed world, data is one of the most significant portions of todays development system. Each and every person, whether in the field of business or education or science, wants to maintain a proper data management system. Afterwards, one can use database management software according to his/ her requirements. In some of the cases, like some of the major technical changes with the resources, there is always a need of conversation of data from one database management software to different due to the technical constraints. Here, the requirement of Data Loader comes for the conversation of data easily. This software can be effectively implemented to transfer data from MSSQL to MySQL. If you are already familiar with the service of this software, then you will be aware of the diverse nature of the MySQL server.

The openness of MySQL database facilitates enhanced performance, reliability and flexible of operation. The expenses associated with maintenance and operation of MySQL servers are comparatively minimal than other database formats. Software like Data Loader has made it easier to convert MSSQL to MySQL and conversions can also be made from oracle servers also according to the users goal. Nowadays you can find various versions of the data migration tool available with different software development organizations. Some of the features of data migration tools are,

The latest version of data migration software does not need a data driver.

Bulk loading of data can be done into different columns and rows of the database within no time.

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Different sessions can now be saved and can be programmed within different intervals.

Conversion of one type of data to the other type can easily be done.

Different formats of data exists in different data base, like CSV (Comma Separated Value), MySQL, Oracle, MS office, etc. If you want to do MySQL import CSV, then first you have to install a MySQL tool. Here you need a data migration tool to perform the task. Lets see how CSV database format can change loaded to MySQL database format. By following these simple steps one can convert CSV to MySQL database with data loaders.

Select the source data type and the destination data type.

Setup the server details and connect with preferred source database. Then a list of table within the database will be open.

In this step find the desired destination database where you want to relocate your exiting database.

Loader will open the source and destination tables, you can click on column button to perform column mapping.

Save and schedule the session. There are various options, you must pick according to your performance.

Press the start button to initiate the transfer of your CSV file.

This simple process allows you to get your MySQL file on CSV database. Or else Data Loader will be very helpful for you, which is relatively easier and more controlled process to convert your database. Because of the available of data migration tools MySQL import CSV becomes very easy.

About the Author: Kenneth Wilson has reviewed so many software programs intended for importing and exporting data between common database formats. He has found (

)Data Loader to be a simple, but powerful tool for MySQL import CSV and several other data migration activities. The tool has features like full column mapping, bulk inserts, folder polling, etc. You can download the free trial version to check its capability.


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