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4 Unbelievable Secrets Of A Weight Loss Program

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

By Alan Lim

Although much has been written about the strategy of a weight loss program there are still things to be learned from the diet doctors and nutrition counselors.

A ‘weight loss program’ sounds so much more challenging than a ‘diet’ and in many ways it is. However, a program that is specifically designed around your natural lifestyle and personality is much more likely to succeed than one that must rely on a strict list of foods to eat, portion sizes and time of day that they should be eaten. By changing your habits, or replacing bad habits with good ones, you can fine tune your eating choices so that your weight control becomes automatic.

Psychological and Physical Aspects

In order to be successful with a weight loss program, you must prepare a plan for eating and lifestyle changes that works for you. If you have a personality type that strives to be in control of everything you put into your mouth, pick a more exacting eating plan, but put additional energy into educating yourself about good eating habits and exercise programs rather than planning to spend the rest of your life counting calories and fat grams. If you are a more laid back person, you may want to develop a different type of program for your weight loss efforts.

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Work Your Plan

Regardless of the type of weight loss program that you select, you will want to plan on being consistent about following the guidelines that you have developed for yourself. If your plan calls for you to watch your carbs during the weekdays and relax a bit on the weekend, don’t start your weekend early and figure a long weekend won’t hurt. Instead, design a plan that works for you and stick with it. On the other hand, allow yourself some leeway to slip up without going into a blue funk about your lack of will power. Just dust off your emotions and get right back into the plan you have created.

Change One Thing at a Time

While an all or nothing weight loss program may sound appealing in reducing the amount of time required to reach your weight goal, it can also be a self defeating program since you get discouraged and quit well before the goal is reached. You stand a much better chance of succeeding when you develop an entire plan predicated on changing one thing at a time. For example, the first week you may decide to make a conscious effort to drink more water. You may then add a walking program to your daily activities. By gradually building on past successes, each new component to your plan is understood and welcomed.

Don’t Build Your Life Around Food

No matter what type of weight loss program you implement for yourself, don’t allow the idea of food to take over your life and leisure activities. A person who exercises only to burn off calories, who reads nutrition books as leisure reading or who carries a fat gram counter around to restaurants in order to select between two different menu choices is a fanatic and not much fun to be around. Even your best friend may not want to hear about how successful your weight control program is–especially if she is not as enthusiastic about weight control as you are.

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