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Electric Bike Conversion Kit: A Better Alternative For Commuters}

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

Electric Bike Conversion Kit: a better alternative for commuters


Vikram Kumar

You might have heard just recently that there is a true leap when it comes to electric vehicles, especially when it comes to bikes. There is just a very good reason for this matter. There are just a lot of advantages to own one. You might have heard about the freedom and the joy of cycling or exercising with the convenience of a very efficient type of commuter vehicle that will free you from the very stressful traffic jam. These are also more affordable to use and can also carry a considerable amount of loan and these are much better for the environment at the same time, since there is no gas used to make it work.

The price of the electric bike is just one of the many reasons why some people are hesitant of buying one. To be able to get one that will surely last a lifetime and will provide you with an absolute efficiency, you can just buy an electric bike conversion kit and turn your regular bike into an extraordinary electric bike. This will be most helpful to you, since you do not need to buy a new scooter to enjoy the convenience and comfort, since he regular bike can also be used. Most probably, you are not using your old bike anymore, especially if you have a car that you use daily for work, you can use the bike and be able to save huge amount of cash at the same time.

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As soon as the electric bike conversion kit is already fitted, your perception and idea of the electric bike will absolutely change. Riding your bike after the kit has been installed will be a very good experience for you; it is just like having a second person on the bike with you, to help you go up the hilly road, gives you a free ride while enjoying the environment. These things will all be new to you, because you cannot do all of these things while you are using your car. It is truly great feeling to be outdoor sometimes. There are various kinds of kits to choose from and they differ from one another. The degrees of difficulty in installation are what make them different from one another.

Some of the kits are almost complete with the front wheel with the motor even installed I the hub, so it is just a simple case of slipping the wheel on, thus it will secure some wires. Some kits also have the hand grip along with the battery pack and then you are just good to go. There are some kits with a separate motor component, which will help you personalize the fit of the spokes along with the wheel rim. When it comes to the cost, you will only spend an average amount of money on it and that may be around $300 or you can also take the lead acid battery type or better yet pick the excellent lithium ion battery pack. One perfect example of the running costs, one of the bicycles, which is personalized to conform to the requirements of the user comes with a 250watt motor and lithium ion battery, which is highly recommended.

To be able to get one that will surely last a lifetime and will provide you with an absolute efficiency, you can just buy an

electric bike conversion kit

and turn your regular bike into an extraordinary

electric bike


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Is Car Leasing A Good Idea?

Monday, November 28th, 2016

Is Car Leasing A Good Idea?


Shane Luise

Car leasing allows you to get your desired car on easy installments. It is an easier way to get the car you want without paying the full amount at one time. With the increasing inflation and the recession in the economy not everyone can afford to purchase a new car so that is why people are driven towards second hand cars. The increase in the demand on second hand cars has also driven up their prices due to which they too are now out of range for many people. Car leasing has made it easier for people to get their own personal cars which will definitely add comfort and convenience to their lives.

It is important that when you make a decision on leasing a car you make sure that you are able to arrange the installments on time. This is important because when you lease a car you do not become its owner until all the installments are paid. You get the loan for the car by keeping the car as the security itself. The purchaser of the car becomes the rightful owner as soon as they pay all the due installments to the lender but if the purchaser of the car fails to pay the installments on time the lender has every right to take the car back and keep the proceeds. So in case of leasing the borrower of the loan should be very careful about the payment of the installments on time.

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The payments in car leasing are lower than the payments of loans. This is so because in the case of repayment of a loan the loan must be repaid of its principal over its life whereas in case of lease the lease is repaid to make sufficient principle to repay the value of the car at the end of the leasing period. Interest rate has a major role to play in order to determine the installment of the lease. The higher the interest rate, the higher will be the installment of the lease. Moreover the payments of the leases are less than the ones of loans because the lease payments repay far less principal over the same term.

The interest rate may not be the same for the lease payments; they vary from lease to lease. The interest rate usually depends on the cost of financing of the leasing company. The cars are sold to the leasing companies by the dealers who get the cars directly from the manufacturers. The interest rate is also influenced by the bond market, fluctuations in the bond market move the interest rate up and down which in turns affect the leasing payments.

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leasing is a good idea if you change your car frequently, this way you will leave the amount of depreciation to the leasing company and you will have nothing to worry about the car s depreciation. There is full deduction of payment in case of leasing and this makes up for higher payments and higher deduction of the taxes.

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