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Camper Hire Plans}

Friday, January 13th, 2017

Camper Hire Plans


John Douglas

Generally known as camper vans or dormobiles in the UK, recreational vehicles are one great solution for an unforgettable holiday; especially designed to solve both transport and accommodation issues, they give tourists a feeling of independence and the opportunity to explore at will. In a nutshell, a camper van is a home on wheels, and by “home” we actually imply all the equipment that makes life comfortable in a regular house. Let’s have a look at a regular camper van and the facilities it offers, so that you know what to look for when you decide to hire one.

First of all, camper vans have a small kitchen-like compartment with a refrigerator and a gas hob with two or even three burners. You can get a quick meal ready in no time. So far so good, but for those of you who wonder about lighting at night, there’s no need to worry. Camper vans have a dual battery system; besides the car battery there is another one that supplies you with the necessary power, which is also called the leisure battery. Moreover, most campsites have a hook-up cable for you to attach to their electrical supply system.

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Many of the more established camping sites in the UK offer cable television and wireless internet access in the UK. As the demand for camp site services is growing you’ll find more and more campsites offering the extras that we enjoy at home. There is though the other side to hiring a motorhome and that’s the ability to get away from it all. Some though, prefer to just have the basic facilities in return for a more remote and secluded location. You may even prefer to try both a dedicated campsite and a remote location during the same trip. That’s the beauty of using a camper, you can do what you want.

The history of camper vans began with Volkswagen Company, an international leader on the recreational vehicle market, however in UK, you’ll find other well-represented companies such as Ford, Fiat or Bedford that were among the first to appeal to the public. Every year, Volkswagen organizes the Vanfest, held in Malvern. Most of the participants offer fine examples of four-wheeled accommodation standards. If you’ve got a van and need to buy something for it, then this is the place to go.

When hiring a camper, deciding which one is right for you depends on whether it is going to be a family trip or not. The childrens ages can also play a big part in the choice as a van that has to accommodate teenagers will definitely need to be bigger than one for toddlers. Most vans have one double bed and then a number of additional single and sometimes even double beds. These details should be worked out and discussed with the rental company before hand so that your needs are met. When taking toddlers on a camper trip make sure that you use dedicated child seats and that they are used at all times when moving.

A truck camper is designed to be able to reach more isolated places off the beaten track. This type of camper is ideal for those looking to venture out into more remote areas of the lanscape. The design of this “off road” style camper is often space limited as the extra suspension ride height, takes up some cabin space. A few rental companies offer this type of van, but it does cost more than using a traditional camper.

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