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Corporate Branding: A High Priority For All Companies}

Sunday, July 2nd, 2017

Submitted by: Christine Macguire

The great gurus of the business world have understood that if you want to communicate a powerful idea, you may do better by a visual representation than by spinning abstract representations. Visual representation of a business and its services is very crucial for gaining an identity and creating a customer base in the market. A successful tool for representing your company, your products and your services with an unforgettable identity is a logo. The logo is the first object people look at to build an impression about the organization.

Originating in the mid 19th century, after a surge in industrial manufacturing that led to an increase in output, global distribution, and the commencement of competition, logos were created to differentiate between products within the same industry. Emblems or symbols were included on products, packages and labels. So buyers could easily recognize the product they preferred. There was a time when only affluent organizations could afford their own crest, emblem or logo. Through the years, a variety of graphic images had been used to represent a business. Technology has changed the ways in which we project our image. Logos have hence revolutionized the world of marketing and advertising for businesses, irrespective of their sizes.

Today, successful companies continue to say, “the simpler, the better”. Especially when the world is advancing so rapidly, you have less and less time to impress your customers. Logo designs, now, are very stylish yet remain conservative, which makes them eye-catching and easier for the brain to memorize. Consider, however, that some of the most successful logos are simple, and most importantly, easy to remember. Think of Nike, McDonalds, Pepsi, and Coca-Cola. These are all very successful images that are, at the same time, very simple. The consistent use of these logos has been imperative in creating a strong, unified image for the customers.

The logo becomes a symbol of making a positive impression to the stakeholders in the network of businesses. A quality logo can instantly and intuitively communicate the style professionalism, overall presence and even philosophy of the organization and their services performed. This should be simple but not so easy. The most crucial aspect of logo creation is always the process of conceptualization of the logo. A “good” logo shouldnt be too trendy, but ideally last many years before needing a redesign. You need to ask yourself if the design will hold relevance in the next 5 or 10 years.

Logo design, believed to be one of the most difficult areas in graphic design, is essentially the heart of a corporate marketing strategy. Everyone wants a cutting edge, high tech, cool logo. Professional logo design firms create company logo designs to deliver the message to the public that the company is unique, credible and professional. They conceptualize the entire process after listening to your business goals through a quick questionnaire. The production and customization of a logo is based on a one to one interaction and feedback system. While creating the design, they get into picky little details and essentially sketch the image in their minds before putting it into pen and paper. If you are planning to get your logo designed for your new business, new product or service, or thinking of redesigning your existing logo, hire a professional graphic designing firm at significant expense.

Get a stylish and elegant company logo to make the perfect impact on your customers.

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