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Catchy, Interesting, And Historical Candle Phrases}

Sunday, April 2nd, 2017

Submitted by: Tara Smith

Do to the fact that people like to use candles as a way of helping them relax, perhaps just sitting quietly with a candle and staring into its flame or in the bathroom while steaming in a hot tub of watera phrase has been bornrelaxing with wax. An older candle phrasecannot hold a candle to means someone isnt nearly as good as someone else, perhaps at doing something.

The Oxford Dictionary of Phrase and Fable states that there was a positive turn to this phrase, which began in the 16th century or at least it was written down then. The literal meaning was that an assistant held a candle that a superior worked by says Oxford. That is, an apprentice holding the candle for a tradesman with experience to see how to do the work. Many people have heard someone say that Elizabeth is attractive (or whomever), but she cant hold a candle to Sarah. This expression is said to be of French origin.

Another expression is burning the candle at both ends. This usually means working and staying or just partying all the time. Not worth the candle is an expression that came about before 900 A.D. It means it isnt worth the effort to try to get someone to see your viewpoint.

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Another one is it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. The origin isnt clear. Darkness is a well-known metaphor for evil. It seems that this age old phrase has a spiritual meaning and possibly a literal meaning too. John Kennedy paraphrased this old saying in one of his speeches. He said, “We are not here to curse the darkness; we are here to light a candle.”

Candles have been a part of mankinds life for an extremely long time and in people all over the world have created candles in different versions. Different types of fat and oil have been the main ingredients in making these candles. People have needed something to light homes, temples, and churches and candles have filled the bill. The relationship between people and candles is ancient. Maybe that is why people still want candles in their homes even when they have electric lights. When gaslight was invented the phrase candlepower immerged. The illuminating power of the gas lamp was measured with a candle standard; candelas were the light of one candle.

Not surprisingly, the word candle has been used in reference to fireworks as in the Roman candle. It is shaped like a cylinder or basically a candle shape and it produces sparks.

People instinctively feel the ancient connection with candles, that may be one of he reasons that they like them so much. It is the important relationship between people and candles that have caused many candle phrases to come into the vernacular of a given time period and many of the phrases persist to this day. Candles have become part of the language and metaphor that we explain our lives through and express our feelings about certain things with the qualities of the lowly but triumphant candle.

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