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The Acca P3 Module: Business Analysis}

Sunday, June 4th, 2017

Submitted by: Andrew Collier

The ACCA P3 module falls under ACCA’s Professional (P) Level Essentials Module, and it tackles various techniques, strategies, and processes that are imperative in business analysis. It deals with the analyzation of organisations and the formulation of business plans for them. To better understand the concepts in the ACCA P3 paper, it would greatly help if topics from the F5 (Performance Management) paper are thoroughly understood.

Objectives of the ACCA P3 Syllabus

ACCA’s Business Analysis Module is all about strategies and its applications to various processes in the work environment. Here, students will learn how to apply theoretical concepts and principles in making professional decisions. In addition, they will also learn about information technology and knowledge systems and how these things can help in overseeing business processes, projects, and human resources. By the end of the module, students are expected to have the confidence in deciding which actions should best be taken by their future parent company.

Some of the topics that will be covered by the ACCA P3 paper are: Strategic action, technology solutions, project management, and quality initiatives.

ACCA P3 Past Papers

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Past papers for the Business Analysis Module are available at ACCA’s official website. These were the actual examinations taken by students during the previous years. The website has questions and answers from December 2007 to December 2012, so those who are planning to take the exam soon may choose to download it.

The P3 Examination

The P3 examination is divided into two parts, Parts A and B, which are both 50% of the grade. Part A is composed of one case study and the information included is usually 3 to 4 pages long. Part B requires the examinee to answer two out of three 25-mark questions. It is quite similar to Part A because it also deals with case studies, but the case background and the information provided are much shorter.

The Expected Answer

In order to pass the ACCA P3 paper, it is important for students to know what the examiner looks for in their answers. For the P3 module, the examiner would like to see how well the student can apply his or her knowledge of principles and frameworks to the given scenario. In addition, the examiner would also like to see if the student has anything else to offer aside from the theories and concepts s/he learned in class.

Passing Rates for ACCA P3 Module

The average passing rate for the P3 module since December 2007 is 49.82%. The best way to be included in the passers list is of course, to study hard and practise answering questions regularly. Students who pass the P3 paper are comfortable dealing with case studies, so being familiar with various cases will certainly help examinees be more confident by the time they take the P3 exam.

Reviewing for the ACCA P3 Examinations

Students who are planning to take the ACCA P3 examinations may be feel a bit anxious because of the long questions. The good thing is, there are many reviewers and past papers available on ACCA’s website. ACCA-affiliated websites also have review materials as well. OpenTuition has links to ACCA’s past papers, and it also has P3 sample questions that are regularly updated whenever there are revision kits. They also post links to recommended readings. To know the schedule for the P3 examinations for this year, always check ACCA’s website for updates.

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