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Halitosis An Overview Of Bad Breath}

Sunday, July 30th, 2017

Submitted by: Nate K.

Bad breath is medically known as halitosis. It is the oral mal odor that has its originations from the mouth itself in about 90 percent of the cases. The oral mal odor or bad breath can also be caused due to certain stomach related factors.

Halitosis can be an influencing factor in personal life as well as in social life. Halitosis causes about 33 percent of the people to frequently visit a dentist. It is estimated that in about 87 percent of cases, the bad breath has its originations from the mouth itself. There are many factors that influence the intensity of bad breath.

The factors that influence bad breath are the food we have consumed, smoking, obesity and whether the person has consumed alcohol. Different types of food causes different types of intensity of bad breath. Some of the foods that cause mal odor are garlic, onions, cheese and animal meat.

Bad breath is at its high intensity at night due to the fact that our mouth is less exposed to oxygen at night than day. Bad breath may be temporary and can disappear after brushing or eating. Bad breath can also become a persistent breath which is estimated to have affected about 25 percent of the patients. This is a more serious concern and can have great impact over the personal confidence, self esteem and social relationships.

Origins of bad breath

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Bad breath from the mouth is mainly caused due to the presence of several bacteria. These are found even in the mouths of an average cleaned person. In an average mouth, about 600 types of bacteria are present and many of them are solely responsible for the bad breath.

Anaerobic protein breakdown is the main cause for the production of bad odor. These proteins are broken into individual amino acids by the bacteria in the mouth. Apart from the proteins, there are also several other breakdowns that contribute significantly to the production of bad smell from the mouth.


Tongue is a part of the mouth that is solely responsible for mouth related halitosis. The posterior dorsum of the tongue is the location place for large amounts of bacteria. In this position, the bacteria are normally unaffected by our day to day normal activity.

The posterior dorsum also allows the rapid multiplication of bacteria as this part is usually dry and is cleaned poorly. This can cause egg rotten smell from the mouth.

To overcome these bad odors, tongue cleaning must be done regularly. There are many tongue cleaning tools available in the market that can be efficient in cleaning the bacteria from the mouth.


Nose is considered by many as a major source for bad breath. But in the case of nose, the odor is quite different from the odor that comes from the mouth. Medical experts suggest that the nasal odor is due to some sort of infections like sinus and other foreign body infections.

If you are struggling with bad breath, it’s important to understand the source of what might be causing it. Once you’ve accomplished this, creating a solution to the problem becomes a lot easier.

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Looted, possibly contaminated body parts transplanted into USA, Canadian patients

Sunday, July 30th, 2017

Monday, March 20, 2006

Fears of contaminated bone and skin grafts are being felt by unsuspecting patients following the revelation that funeral homes may have been looting corpses.

Janet Evans of Marion Ohio was told by her surgeon, “The bone grafts you got might have been contaminated”. She reacted with shock, “I was flabbergasted because I didn’t even know what he was talking about. I didn’t know I got a bone graft until I got this call. I just thought they put in screws and rods.”

The body of Alistair Cooke, the former host of “Masterpiece Theatre,” was supposedly looted along with more than 1,000 others, according to two law enforcement officials close to the case. The tissue taken was typically skin, bone and tendon, which was then sold for use in procedures such as dental implants and hip replacements. According to authorities, millions of dollars were made by selling the body parts to companies for use in operations done at hospitals and clinics in the United States and Canada.

A New Jersey company, Biomedical Tissue Services, has reportedly been taking body parts from funeral homes across Brooklyn, New York. According to ABC News, they set up rooms like a “surgical suite.” After they took the bones, they replaced them with PVC pipe. This was purportedly done by stealth, without approval of the deceased person or the next of kin. 1,077 bodies were involved, say prosecuters.

Investagators say a former dentist, Michael Mastromarino, is behind the operation. Biomedical was considered one of the “hottest procurement companies in the country,” raking in close to $5 million. Eventually, people became worried: “Can the donors be trusted?” A tissue processing company called LifeCell answered no, and issued a recall on all their tissue.

Cooke’s daughter, Susan Cooke Kittredge, said, “To know his bones were sold was one thing, but to see him standing truncated before me is another entirely.” Now thousands of people around the country are receiving letters warning that they should be tested for infectious diseases like HIV or hepatitis. On February 23, the Brooklyn District Attorney indicted Mastromarino and three others. They are charged with 122 felony counts, including forgery and bodysnatching.

60 people still missing after Kenyan house collapse

Sunday, July 30th, 2017

Monday, May 2, 2016

According to a report from the Red Cross today, about 60 people were still missing after a house collapsed during a heavy rain storm on Friday in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya.

Ten were known dead on Saturday, and a surviving man was dug out of the house after ten hours. The house was reportedly just two years old and had at least six floors. Local building has widespread problems with poor materials and not following Kenyan construction rules.

Interior Minister Joseph Nkaissery said on Saturday, hospitals had treated 80 people.

Another seven people reportedly died in the storm. Kenya’s Red Cross said the flooding affected more than 800 homes.

Geotech Blessings Fully Furnished Flat In Noida}

Saturday, July 29th, 2017

Submitted by: Geotech Blessings

Noida is all developing in the real estate segment and most of the people are searching for their dream home in this region. Most of the people from Gurgaon are coming to get the right property in their budget to invest or to reside here. The search for those people is over as Geotech Group is having one project that suits the requirement of all residents. The project Geotech Blessings is offering a person complete luxurious touch because of which a person can get satisfied after getting his dream home.

The location of this project is very fine and most of the people are getting this as there right residing address. The interiors of this project are also of very good nature with all modern features for their home. They will be having balconies also available so that they can get a clear view of outside. Also, they will be having easy accessibility to the locations like metro station and South Delhi which is within a total distance of 12 kilometers. When it is compared with the other fully furnished flat in Noida, Geotech Blessings is offering the price which is not above the budget of any middle class person. They have the booking amount of Rs.50000 which is again a nominal charge as compared to other property prices in Noida.

There are many plush amenities and utilities which a person can get under the Geotech Blessings Noida. One may say that he will enjoy the luxurious lifestyle which is available to them at convenient rate as well. There will be laminated wooden floors along with marble tiles; it is having laminated doors along with high quality distemper on walls. A person can also expect different options on BHK such as 2 and 3 BHK with a high-rise apartment with proper elevators as well which will be spacious too. The tiles of proper wood and marble are also available in bedroom. Since a person has to decide about the property in a proper way and he want class s in everything, he will be availing this facility with this property.

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A person can get the facilities of ample parking space; where it is possible for all the residents to park their vehicles easily, proper landscape is also there with fine greenery and Yamuna River flowing next to the property, efficient floor plan with maximum natural lighting and apart from all this, a reputed and reliable name, Geotech Group. Talking about toilets, one will be getting the fittings and finishes form, branded companies like Jaguar. The ceramic tiled walls from Kajaria are also providing a distinct and imaginary feeling to the residents.

Thus, with all these features, Flats in Geotech Blessings are helping residents to live their easily. The flat sizes are also diminishing which starts with minimum 1050 SQFT and goes till 1575 SQFT. However, with the increasing land rates, the land of property will rise soon and it is suggested to book your dream flat soon so that you can also enjoy a relish lifestyle.

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CPSC, ATF warn of dangers of fireworks over US Independence Day celebrations

Saturday, July 29th, 2017

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Last week, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) held a press conference on the National Mall in Washington, DC, warning consumers of the dangers of fireworks, and advising them of safe handling. They were joined by representatives from the the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF); Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA); the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP); and other national safety agencies. Fireworks are often used to celebrate the United States’ July 4, 1776 independence from Great Britain. The Fourth of July is a time when many US families get together to celebrate, by holding reunions, picnics, barbecues, baseball games and firework displays; however, celebrations often turn sour due to injury or even death, caused by the mishandling of fireworks. In 2009, nearly 19,000 fireworks-related injuries were treated in hospitals, doctors’ offices and clinics all over the country. Around 9,000 of those were to children aged under 18, and 6,000 occurred during the 30 days surrounding Independence Day.

CPSC chairman, Inez Tenenbaum, said that burns and cuts to limbs, the face and head were the most common injuries, and over half of them were due to firecrackers, rockets and sparklers. The agencies were joined at the news conference by Jason Henderson, who was injured in 2007 after building home-made fireworks. He had found instructions online detailing how to build M-80-style fireworks, and after purchasing the chemicals, began assembling them; however, the mixture exploded which resulted in him losing both hands and his right eye, and shrapnel caused multiple lacerations and puncture wounds to his entire body. “Don’t be the show, go and enjoy the show. I want to get people to move away from putting on their own displays and just go and enjoy the free shows. I mean they are free,” Henderson said. “You might as well take advantage of them while they are there. You can spend time with your family instead of being the one to light them and taking that risk.” Henderson also appears in a public-service announcement recently released by the ATF to YouTube, that shows how he has now been fitted with bionic arms.

Agencies recommend attending community fireworks shows held by city or county officials, which are held in a more controlled and professional environment. Additionally, many jurisdictions outlaw either all fireworks, or certain types, such as rockets and firecrackers.

Fireworks increase demands on fire departments and personnel at this time of year, acting U.S. Fire Administrator Glenn Gaines noted. “Four firefighters [have been killed] as a result of illegal fireworks. Calls to EMS [Emergency Medical Services] and fire departments increased as individuals continue to be injured and burned.” The dry weather and heat that many areas are experiencing also elevate the risk of brush and structure fires. The National Fire Protection Association said that over 22,500 fires started from fireworks in 2008.

Consumers who do purchase fireworks are encouraged to follow the following common sense rules: always read and follow directions; always supervise older children and teenagers if they are permitted to use fireworks; never allow young children to play with or ignite fireworks, child-friendly sparklers and “party-poppers” are a fun and safe alternative for them; keep animals inside or well away from the fireworks, the noise will often scare them; never light any fireworks inside buildings; light fireworks on a smooth, flat surface away from houses, dry leaves, and flammable materials; never ignite fireworks in metal or glass containers; light one firework at a time; move away to a safe distance immediately after lighting a firework; never return to a firework that has not ignited properly; never throw fireworks at another person, animal, or property; do not consume alcohol when using fireworks; keep a bucket of water or a hose in close proximity in case of fire, dispose of use fireworks in the bucket of water; buy from reliable dealers; only use legal fireworks; and follow the laws of your jurisdiction.

Osama bin Laden killed in U.S. operation in Pakistan, White House says

Saturday, July 29th, 2017

Monday, May 2, 2011

U.S. officials last night said Osama bin Laden, the al-Qaeda leader and orchestrator of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and embassy bombings in 1998, had been killed by U.S. special forces in Abbottabad, Pakistan near the capital Islamabad.

White House officials say that four others were killed in the forty-minute raid that began at 2000 UTC yesterday—including a woman said to have been used as a human shield. One of those shot is thought to be bin Laden’s son. An American helicopter was lost due to mechanical failure, but no U.S. forces or civilians were killed.

U.S. President Barack Obama announced the news in a statement late last night. “I can report to the American people and to the world, that the U.S. has conducted an operation that killed Osama bin Laden,” Obama said. He confirmed he had been told in August of a lead to the location of bin Laden, and approved the operation last week. The operation involved a “small team of Americans”, Obama said.

The operation, led by the CIA, occurred nearly ten years after the 9/11 attacks. CIA director Leon Panetta notified U.S. legislators Sunday about the news. His body was verified using several methods, including DNA testing with DNA from a dead sister’s body, stored in a Boston, Massachusetts hospital, as well as facial recognition. However, staff at the hospital in question—Massachusetts General Hospital—have not been able to “find any evidence” of the body ever being stored there. U.S. officials said his body was then buried at sea at around 0600 UTC today, “in accordance with Islamic law and traditions” and because of the difficulty of finding a country that would accept the remains of the world’s most wanted man. Saudi Arabia, the country in which Osama bin Laden was born, refused a U.S. offer to take the body.

Following the President’s announcement, people started gathering in front of the White House in Washington, D.C., Times Square and Ground Zero—the site of the World Trade Center—in New York, to celebrate; singing the national anthem. Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York City, said he hoped the death of bin Laden would “bring some closure and comfort to all those who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001”.

The U.S. government is reportedly expecting al-Qaeda to soon release what they are likely to call a “martyr tape”—an audio recording made by bin Laden to be broadcast after his death.

Although the death of the 54-year-old bin Laden, who was the most wanted person in the world, was greeted with celebration in the U.S., analysts have warned that al-Qaeda will “undoubtedly” launch a retaliatory attack. “I think the significance of what has happened cannot really be overstated,” John Gearson, director of the Centre for Defence Studies at King’s College London, said.

“There will be concerns that there could be some sort of retaliation, that al-Qaeda may well want to demonstrate that they are still strong and still in the game.” He warned that U.S. officials may “lose their focus” after such a major victory, “and that will provide an opportunity for the remnants of al-Qaeda to reform and grow stronger.”

I can report to the American people and to the world, that the U.S. has conducted an operation that killed Osama bin Laden.

Hillary Clinton, the U.S. Secretary of State, appealed to Islamic militant fighters to use the opportunity of bin Laden’s death to abandon their groups. “Our message to the Taliban remains the same, but today it may have even greater resonance: you cannot wait us out,” she said. “You cannot defeat us. But you can make the choice to abandon Al Qaeda and cooperate in a peaceful political process.”

The president of the European Parliament, Jerzy Buzek, said that “we have waken up in a safer world”, with the news bringing “safety to millions of people”, whilst U.S. senator John McCain sought to remind the American people to “be mindful that al-Qaeda and its terrorist allies are still lethal and determined enemies”. The Kremlin reiterated that “revenge is inescapable for all terrorists”, and that “only a joint struggle against global terrorism can bring a result”.

The United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary, William Hague, sought to remind people bin Laden was “the world’s most prominent leader”, going on to say that “it was of great importance that he was still alive and active, and it is unequivocally a good thing that he is no longer able to pursue terror, murder and mayhem in the world”. Mentioning that security at British embassies worldwide have been increased in the wake of the news, he reiterated that the death of the al-Qaeda leader was a “serious blow”, and that, “like any organisation that has suffered a serious blow, they will want to show in some way that they are still able to operate”.

Nicolas Sarkozy, the president of France, welcomed the news, along with many other European countries. He praised the “tenacity” of the U.S. attack, congratulating the “major blow” the move dealt to al-Qaeda. Eight French citizens were killed last week in a bomb blast in Marrakesh, and, although no group has yet claimed responsibility, it is speculated that al-Qaeda were behind the attack. Sarkozy paid homage to them, as well as other around the world, saying the “victims received justice today and France has thoughts for them and their families”.

It is unequivocally a good thing that he is no longer able to pursue terror, murder and mayhem in the world.

Pakistani officials were not informed of the planned raid, with the White House saying this was “essential to the security of the operation and our personnel”. However Obama emphasised that cooperation with Pakistan had helped in finding bin Laden. The operation, described by one senior White House official as “a surgical raid by a small team designed to minimise collateral damage”, was not intended to take bin Laden alive. “It was a kill mission”, said one security official. Bin Laden died after being shot in the head.

Witnesses in Abbottabad have described how the U.S. forces carried out the raid on the compound, which had significant security features, including walls up to 18-foot high topped with barbed wire. “We saw four helicopters at around 2am. We were told to switch off lights of our homes and stay inside,” one witness, who lives in the town of Bilal in Abbottabad, said. The man confirmed he had seen the wreckage of the U.S. military helicopter which crashed after experiencing mechanical difficulties.

Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that the U.S. “operation was conducted [by] U.S. forces in accordance with declared U.S. policy that Osama bin Laden will be eliminated in a direct action by the U.S. forces, wherever found in the world”, noting that almost “30,000 Pakistani civilians” had been killed in terrorist attacks in recent years, with the “nation fully united in [its] resolve to eliminate terrorism”.

We saw four helicopters at around 2am. We were told to switch off lights of our homes and stay inside.

However, Pervez Musharraf, a former president of Pakistan, criticised the U.S. involvement, describing the operation as a “violation of [Pakistani] sovereignty,” and saying the raid was a “a failure of both Pakistani and U.S. intelligence”; he stressed it would have been “far better” if the Pakistani Special Services Group had carried out the attack. Musharraf went on to say he was “surprised” bin Laden was found in Abbottabad, but added the terrorist leader “had declared war against Pakistan”, and that the news came as a “victory for the people of Pakistan and all the peace loving people of the world”.

The news that bin Laden was hiding just a few hundred metres from Pakistan Military Academy, a similar institution to the U.S. West Point Academy or the UK Sandhurst, has been met with embarrassment on behalf of the Pakistani government, and scepticism from others. “This is a serious blow to the credibility of Pakistan”, according to one Pakistani security analyst. Earlier today, Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai maintained he knew bin Laden was in Pakistan: “For 10 years we told NATO and the world community but for ten years they didn’t listen to our voice. They burned Afghanistan for ten years but Osama was in Islamabad.”

Whilst many governments worldwide welcomed the death of bin Laden, more than 800 people marched in the Pakistani city of Quetta, paying homage to bin Laden and burning a U.S. flag. According to the organizer, “Bin Laden was the hero of the Muslim world and after his martyrdom he has won the title of great mujahed”. At the march, pro-Taliban and anti-United States sentiments were chanted, before the protesters dispersed peacefully.

Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan have denied that bin Laden has been killed, although in a conference call to several Pakistani media outlets, a rebel spoksperson threatened to seek revenge: “If Bin Laden attained martyrdom, then we will avenge his death and we will attack the governments of Pakistan and the United States and their security forces”.

Although no images of bin Laden’s body have been released, the Obama administration is, according to ABC News, in possession of gruesome photographs: a “massive head wound” where he took a bullet, with “blood and brains clearly visible”.

The price of oil has dropped following the announcement after speculation that the death of bin Laden will lower the risk of supply disruption in the Middle East, with a barrel of crude oil for June delivery falling by $1.92.

Heat wave, industrial action cripples Melbourne railways

Friday, July 28th, 2017

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Commuters in Melbourne, Australia, faced chaos today as a summer heatwave and alleged industrial action by staff caused 200 trains to be cancelled. The light rail system was also disrupted by a broken down tram.

Track buckled between Jolimont and Flinders Street stations on the Melbourne loop as temperatures peaked at 43.2 degrees Celsius (109.7°F), causing local train operator Connex to send track workers out to hose rails down. The delays and cancellations caused high demand on the Connex website, which crashed under the pressure. V/Line regional train services were also affected, with coaches replacing some trains and other services working with reduced line-speeds.

Connex has blamed the Australian Rail Tram and Bus Industry Union for 80% of the cancellations, saying the drivers are running an “over-zealous, fault-finding protocol” leading to serviceable trains becoming unavailable. The company and the union have been having “protracted” negotiations over the method of drivers reporting train failures, according to the ABC.

Public transport in Melbourne will run free of charge tomorrow as a gesture of goodwill.

Starting An Online Business And Orange County It Consulting}

Friday, July 21st, 2017

Submitted by: Wilfredo Koga

The reason why you begin a business is essential. Your purpose in beginning e-commerce will probably be your primary reason behind making it successful. You will find more and more people every single day who wish to start their very own business. The issue most occasions is they don’ get sound advice to begin or what they need to complete online for his or her online business. My Orange County IT consulting friend was the one that provided these pointers. The very first factor you must do prior to choosing which business for you to do is to determine why you need to start it. Many people wish to begin a business to be able to make better money, to have the ability to fire their boss, in order to stay home and lift their children. These are a couple of of why people desire a home-based business. Everybody has their very own reason but you need to know what this really is before you begin. One factor that many individuals don’t realize is the fact that when you do not have a clearly defined reason behind beginning a company, you’re in for failure from the beginning. Otherwise, what will inspire you that will help you help make your business successful? Many people feel lost once they get online to locate a business they are able to do. You will find so various kinds of companies that you can buy.

You will have to do your homework to discover which business would meet your needs exactly. You will find several things you need to consider prior to choosing the company for you personally. How’s it going supposed to obtain the business that you would like? This will be relevant when you’re selecting your company. Many people don’t understand just how much this could affect whether their clients are successful or otherwise. You have to consider what it is you enjoy like a hobby, or even do something you have always aspired to do but never got around to. The more you like that which you perform the simpler it is going to be to do the job that should be done to be able to start earning cash your company, based on my Orange County IT consulting guy. This can be a extremely popular business that many individuals are beginning. You will find a lot of ways that you could start your company using this type of business. (This is actually the business this book will focus on) That one can also be popular since you can generate a store on eBay then sell whatever items you would like. You just need to determine where you will obtain the items to market.

YouTube Preview Image

With this particular business you’ll have the ability to start it quickly. You’ll have to locate an affiliate marketing program to register with, than start selling their product. With this particular business you may either find Jewelry to market or help make your own and then sell on it. You’d begin a business in which you would build websites for clients. You will have to have experience building websites to be able to do that business. You will find so various sorts of gourmet gift baskets you could choose to sell all of them or simply a particular type. Again you will have to discover the items that you could cost another person or help make your own gourmet gift baskets. Whenever you write articles or e-books you can begin a company in which you write for some individuals, my Orange County IT consulting buddy states. You will find a lot of website proprietors available that require towards the content or even the e-book however they do not have time for you to write it themselves. So that they are more than pleased to delegate for you knowing crafting.

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Al Jazeera announces English-language channel for 2006

Friday, July 21st, 2017

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Arab news channel Al Jazeera announced Saturday that it plans to open an English-language channel called Al Jazeera International at the beginning of 2006. The project fits in with the robust growth and in-your-face style of the original channel, but faces significant challenges in the new markets.

Al Jazeera’s confrontational approach to news has earned it enemies in every government in the Middle East. Its independence has caused the Iranian government to close its Tehran bureau for covering ethnic riots near the border with Iraq.

Al Jazeera has also earned the enmity of Washington D.C., where the Bush administration regularly complains about their coverage. Al Jazeera offices were also hit by U.S. weapons in Kabul, Afghanistan, and Baghdad, Iraq, although the U.S. military insists they were accidental targets.

The biggest issue for Al Jazeera is a lack of distribution. All major news services in North America, a prime market for the English language channel, struggle to gain and maintain distribution.

The new channel has named its management team:

Al Jazeera has been expanding in other markets as well. It opened a channel last month which covers news events without a presenter or commentary. It also have a sports channel and plans for a children’s channel.

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