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Submitted by: Wilfredo Koga

The reason why you begin a business is essential. Your purpose in beginning e-commerce will probably be your primary reason behind making it successful. You will find more and more people every single day who wish to start their very own business. The issue most occasions is they don’ get sound advice to begin or what they need to complete online for his or her online business. My Orange County IT consulting friend was the one that provided these pointers. The very first factor you must do prior to choosing which business for you to do is to determine why you need to start it. Many people wish to begin a business to be able to make better money, to have the ability to fire their boss, in order to stay home and lift their children. These are a couple of of why people desire a home-based business. Everybody has their very own reason but you need to know what this really is before you begin. One factor that many individuals don’t realize is the fact that when you do not have a clearly defined reason behind beginning a company, you’re in for failure from the beginning. Otherwise, what will inspire you that will help you help make your business successful? Many people feel lost once they get online to locate a business they are able to do. You will find so various kinds of companies that you can buy.

You will have to do your homework to discover which business would meet your needs exactly. You will find several things you need to consider prior to choosing the company for you personally. How’s it going supposed to obtain the business that you would like? This will be relevant when you’re selecting your company. Many people don’t understand just how much this could affect whether their clients are successful or otherwise. You have to consider what it is you enjoy like a hobby, or even do something you have always aspired to do but never got around to. The more you like that which you perform the simpler it is going to be to do the job that should be done to be able to start earning cash your company, based on my Orange County IT consulting guy. This can be a extremely popular business that many individuals are beginning. You will find a lot of ways that you could start your company using this type of business. (This is actually the business this book will focus on) That one can also be popular since you can generate a store on eBay then sell whatever items you would like. You just need to determine where you will obtain the items to market.

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With this particular business you’ll have the ability to start it quickly. You’ll have to locate an affiliate marketing program to register with, than start selling their product. With this particular business you may either find Jewelry to market or help make your own and then sell on it. You’d begin a business in which you would build websites for clients. You will have to have experience building websites to be able to do that business. You will find so various sorts of gourmet gift baskets you could choose to sell all of them or simply a particular type. Again you will have to discover the items that you could cost another person or help make your own gourmet gift baskets. Whenever you write articles or e-books you can begin a company in which you write for some individuals, my Orange County IT consulting buddy states. You will find a lot of website proprietors available that require towards the content or even the e-book however they do not have time for you to write it themselves. So that they are more than pleased to delegate for you knowing crafting.

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Al Jazeera announces English-language channel for 2006

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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Arab news channel Al Jazeera announced Saturday that it plans to open an English-language channel called Al Jazeera International at the beginning of 2006. The project fits in with the robust growth and in-your-face style of the original channel, but faces significant challenges in the new markets.

Al Jazeera’s confrontational approach to news has earned it enemies in every government in the Middle East. Its independence has caused the Iranian government to close its Tehran bureau for covering ethnic riots near the border with Iraq.

Al Jazeera has also earned the enmity of Washington D.C., where the Bush administration regularly complains about their coverage. Al Jazeera offices were also hit by U.S. weapons in Kabul, Afghanistan, and Baghdad, Iraq, although the U.S. military insists they were accidental targets.

The biggest issue for Al Jazeera is a lack of distribution. All major news services in North America, a prime market for the English language channel, struggle to gain and maintain distribution.

The new channel has named its management team:

Al Jazeera has been expanding in other markets as well. It opened a channel last month which covers news events without a presenter or commentary. It also have a sports channel and plans for a children’s channel.

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  • 21 May 2012: Raw Opals spend week preparing for London Games
  • 18 May 2012: Non-sponsors’ logos plastered by peeved Paralympians
  • 16 May 2012: Australian media focuses on Olympic prospects against US for women’s basketball
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Creator of G.I. Joe action figure to create a line of Bible-themed toys

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

According to the Christian Post, Don Levine, the creator of the G.I. Joe, will be creating a line of action figures based on characters from the Old Testament. Released this month are action figures of Samson, David, Noah, Moses, and dolls of Queen Esther and Deborah the Warrior. The toys come with their own Bible storybook. By the fall, the line will expand to 35 products. Levine has began developing a DVD series and television show.

While certainly not the first action figures, dolls, or animated programs based on Biblical characters, it is perhaps the first to launch with a full-fledged licensing program. Already a comic book, narrated CDs, wallet, flashing pins, dog tags, and necklaces have been released.

Levine created G.I. Joe for Mattel in 1963, after a licensing agent suggested soldier figures might have the same success as their Barbie line.

Custom Leather Pool Cue Cases}

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Custom Leather Pool Cue Cases


Tony C. Jones Snr

The American market is currently flooded with poor quality cue cases, manufactured by the thousands in the sweat shops of across Chine, before being shipped to the US. As a result, these cheap, low grade leather or PVC cases have made it increasingly difficult to find a good quality cue case, a custom made case which is made to the highest of standards.

There is very little craftsmanship involved and as much as possible of the production process is automated. Very little attention is paid to quality control procedures and so many defected products get through and are shipped to customers.

However, in a tiny factory located on the green hills of Northern Thailand, there is a team of hand picked craftsmen, a team with more than one hundred years of collective experience in the leather trade. Together, this highly skilled team are producing custom made cue cases of unrivaled quality.

Having become remarkably adept at enforcing strict quality control and having refused acceptance of numerous consignments, I have secured a well earned reputation between local suppliers; a reputation which now ensures, the leather being delivered to me is of the very highest quality. While there are admittedly many grades of leather suitable for making cue cases, Talisman Billiards Accessories uses only premium grade, chrome tanned leather.

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Even though one may come across a number of variations, there are only three basic styles of cue case on the market. Two of these three styles consist primarily of a rigid PVC pipe or molded plastic equivalent, surrounded by a suitable covering such as leather or PVC. The third style, known as a soft case, has no rigid interior construction.

Talisman cue cases are available in many different custom configurations. We provide 2×4, 3×5, 3×6, 4×8 butt / shaft configurations and the cases are available at a standard length to fit 32″ cues. We can though produce custom length cases to meet customer requirements.

Customers wishing to further customize their case, in addition to sizes and length, may choose to have the case embossed with their name, a company name, a logo or in fact, any design of their choice.

Usually I will agree on the design of the artwork for the embossing with the customer. Once in agreement I then have an embossing plate made by an outside vendor. We then use this embossing plate to emboss the design in to the cue case.

An additional embossing feature available to customers is the option of a silver or gold finish. This is achieved by applying a specifically made foil, either silver or gold, during the embossing process. Not only does this feature compliment any other case accessories, but it also tends to add depth and class to the any embossed design.

Currently, Talisman Billiards Accessories has two cue case designs available to buyers. Our first, Talisman Original, complete with double back straps for easy carrying, is designed in the classic cue case style. Hard wearing and extremely durable, this case offers total protection for your pool cues.

Our second design available to order is the Talisman Tribal. Featuring a side handle, a top handle and a single shoulder strap, this cue case has been ornately decorated with splendid original Maori art.

If you are looking for something a little more classy to carry your beloved cues around in and will not settle for second class. Then you deserve a Talisman custom leather cue case.

About the Author: Tony C. Jones Snr is owner of Talisman Billiards Accessories, the producer of beautiful

Custom Leather Cue Cases.

Find sturdy but stylish

Leather Billiard Cue Cases

at the Talisman Billiards web site.

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Custom Leather Pool Cue Cases


Retirement Certificates Help You Plan For The Future

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By Cory Bowman

Preparing for retirement is a stressful job in itself. Planning for future costs and expenses can seem overwhelming and complicated for the average employee. Experts are needed to help those in need build their retirement portfolio. Those who achieve retirement certificates from a retirement institute will have the knowledge and skill sets necessary to help a multitude of clients. Certification will also distinguish one from his or her peers by enhancing career growth and professionalism. A client portfolio can include many types of investments, but many focus on bonds, specifically Treasurys issued by the government.

Retirees frequently use Treasurys as part of a conservative portfolio. However, many investors fail to realize that things backed by the government can actually accumulate a negative profit. Those with retirement certificates understand the uncertainty of stocks, but, for some reason, think the value of their government securities is unwavering and secure. Aside from interest payments, quality bonds post negative returns about once every 3 years. History shows that owning Treasurys can in fact be risky. For example, in 2003, the 10-year Treasury yield jumped one percentage point in just two months, causing an 8.2% loss in the 10-year Treasury and a 13.3% drop in the 30-year bond. Federal Chairperson Paul Volcker raised the federal funds rate to as high as 22.4% in July 1982; yields on 10-year Treasurys went from 8.8% to 15.8%. If a 10-year Treasury yields 4% and rates increase a full percentage point, the loss would be 7%, 10% for the 30-year Treasury.

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So why invest in Treasurys or any other bonds? Bonds play three important roles in a portfolio. Firstly, they provide a fixed stream of income, which can be saved up to use during retirement. Secondly, bonds offer return of capital when held until maturity. This works well for retirement portfolios, as the time periods are often much longer in comparison to those of portfolios intended for other end goals. Corporate bonds are not completely without risk, so those in a retirement institute are trained to monitor the fiscal health of the issuer. Lastly, bonds have historically had low correlations with stocks. Therefore, even in the current low-yield environment, bonds should not be ignored. Investors are normally attracted to bond funds for safety, income or as a diversification tool. The price of a bond often changes; a government bond’s price movements over a day, week or month are much smaller than the price change of a stock category or index.

In preparation for retirement, many people look for the option that comes with guaranteed profit. However, all investments come with risk associated. Treasury bonds, though backed by the government, can also result in a negative dollar amount. Retirement specialists must make it completely aware to their clients that a large profit can never be fully promised. Bonds involve less risk than stocks, but the average returns from bond investments have also been historically lower, if more stable, than average stock market returns. With retirement certificates, investors are fully capable of giving clients the best financial advice on their retirement portfolios, leading to a quicker retirement!

About the Author: Cory Bowman is Director of Ops at the Institute of Business Finance. IBF has helped thousands of members of the financial services industry attain designations. For more information about

retirement institute


retirement certificates

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Commonwealth Bank of Australia CEO apologies for financial planning scandal

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ian Narev, the CEO of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, this morning “unreservedly” apologised to clients who lost money in a scandal involving the bank’s financial planning services arm.

Last week, a Senate enquiry found financial advisers from the Commonwealth Bank had made high-risk investments of clients’ money without the clients’ permission, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars lost. The Senate enquiry called for a Royal Commission into the bank, and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Mr Narev stated the bank’s performance in providing financial advice was “unacceptable”, and the bank was launching a scheme to compensate clients who lost money due to the planners’ actions.

In a statement Mr Narev said, “Poor advice provided by some of our advisers between 2003 and 2012 caused financial loss and distress and I am truly sorry for that. […] There have been changes in management, structure and culture. We have also invested in new systems, implemented new processes, enhanced adviser supervision and improved training.”

An investigation by Fairfax Media instigated the Senate inquiry into the Commonwealth Bank’s financial planning division and ASIC.

Whistleblower Jeff Morris, who reported the misconduct of the bank to ASIC six years ago, said in an article for The Sydney Morning Herald that neither the bank nor ASIC should be in control of the compensation program.

UK bank gets emergency support

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Friday, September 14, 2007

British bank Northern Rock received emergency loans from the Bank of England yesterday, as it felt the effects of the financial crisis originating in the U.S. subprime mortgage market. Queues formed outside branches as many customers sought to withdraw their savings, and shares fell heavily.

Northern Rock, based in Newcastle, is one of the UK’s largest mortgage lenders, with total assets and loans of £113 billion. Pressure has grown on the bank as other institutions have become less willing to buy mortgage debt, following the American subprime crisis.

The support from the central bank was authorised by the Government and the Financial Services Authority, following assurances that the problems were temporary and the bank remained solvent. Some current mortgages are being used as collateral. The lending is an “unlimited” facility, at an interest rate higher than the base rate. Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling, speaking on Radio 4’s Today programme, encouraged customers to carry on as normal, stating that “Northern Rock will be able to carry on its business”.

Northern Rock chief executive Adam Applegarth also called for calm, but customers were seen queuing outside branches across the country to withdraw money. It is reported that the company website also crashed under the demand.

Shares in the bank fell 31.5% on Friday, down almost 60% from their highest value this year. Applegarth admitted that profits would be hit, but stated that the bank would adapt to the changes. Shares in other lenders also fell, with Paragon being the most extreme, dropping almost 17%. The FTSE 100 closed down 1.17% (74 points) following a recovery in the afternoon.

The last time the Bank of England acted as “lender of last resort” in this way was in 1973, after the collapse of Cedar Holdings.

Iceland nationalises Kaupthing Bank

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Iceland’s Financial Services Authority has nationalised the Kaupthing Bank as a response to the financial crisis which may result in a total collapse of the nation’s economy.

Kaupthing, together with Glitnir Bank and Landsbanki, owe a total of US$61 billion, which is twelve times the estimated size of the economy of the Nordic country. The Financial Services Authority says Iceland will guarantee all domestic deposits and aims to provide a “functioning domestic banking system” by management of the banks.

Iceland has asked for aid to Russia and the International Monetary Fund for loans to help guarantee these deposits. Icelandic equity markets have been closed until October 13 due to “unusual market conditions” and the Icelandic krona now appears to have itself failed after the collapse of an attempt to fix the exchange rate at 131 Krona to the euro.

According to Nordea Bank, Scandinavia‘s biggest lender, there was no trading of krona on the spot market today. The most recent figure for exchange is 340 to the euro, compared to 122 last month. Thomas Haugaard Jensen, an economist of Svenska Handelsbanken in Copenhagen, indicated the Icelandic economy seems to be at the verge of a “total collapse,” and predicted it will take several years before Iceland’s economy recovers enough for it to return to growth.

Kaupthing itself requested the national takeover, which leaves most of the nation’s banking sector under state control. The bank’s board have resigned and left the authorities in control of the bank. The bank also has affiliates both in Sweden and Finland. Swedish Kaupthing Bank Sverige claimed to be unaffected, but Finland’s Financial Services Authority temporarily shut down the Finnish affiliate.

Dental Health Services}

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Dental health services



Dental health is requisite for all the peoples all over the world, peoples are well aware about there dental health and want to get there dental health in pink. Dental health is also requires equal and similar care as your physical health requires. Peoples are well aware of the need and importance of dental health. To have a beautiful and everlasting smile is craved by the all the peoples, they want to have there teeths strong and gums to be healthy.

The rising costs for the dental care has made peoples to think for there dental care health acutely, the rise in the dental care costs has made peoples to think again and again for visiting to there dentists for regular check-up. Dental care costs is skyscraping these days and is getting tough for the peoples to visit there dentist regularly, peoples require some out of the house source to get complete dental care.

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Dental insurance and dental discount plan are the two important dental care services, providing you with the best dental care procedures. Dental insurance provides you with complete dental care services, and helps the peoples in getting there dental care costs or expenses returned. Dental insurance provides you cover for all your dental care procedures leaving services for cosmetic dentistry. Whereas, discount dental plan provides services for all the dental care procedures covering all the dental care services be it intense or basic dental care.

Dental health services is easily available these days through internet, here you can search for the best dental care services providing you with maximum dental care on all your dental care procedures. Dental health is requisite for all, since our child hood we grow up listening to take good care for your teeths and gums or for your oral organs, we always use to overlook our dental health but as the costs for the dental care or dental health is on rise peoples are found in search for the best dental care procedure.

Before opting for any dental care procedure you should look at the services provided by the company, what procedures are covered, what procedures are not, what is the premium amount you have to pay for getting complete dental insurance or dental plan, what will be the mode of payment for your dental care etc are few of the considerable points to check before getting any dental care services.

Dental health is basic need for all of us, and requires equal and similar care for your dental care procedures, its better to check for the best dental care procedure through internet, and select for the best one according to your dental care or your requirements.


Dental health services

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Dental health services }